European Sea Bass


(Dicentrarchus labrax)

The sea bass is a coastal species found mainly along the Mediterranean coasts, the Atlantic Ocean and the Black Sea. Its scientific name is Dicentrarchus labrax and it belongs to the Moronidae family. Its back has a dark colour and the rest of its body is silver with a long, hydrodynamic shape. It lives in a wide range of temperatures and salinity and thrives in shallow waters such as lagoons and river mouths. As a predator, it prefers rough waters. It reaches approximately 100 cm in length, 12-15 kg in weight and lives for 14-15 years.

Gilthead Sea Bream


(Sparus aurata)

The sea bream is a coastal and benthic species, mostly found along the Mediterranean coasts, in the Eastern Atlantic Ocean from the British Isles to the Strait of Gibraltar, around the Canary Islands and the Red Sea. Its scientific name is Sparus aurata and it belongs to the Sparidae family. The colour of its body is silver-grey and on the forehead above its eyes it is decorated with a bright golden arc, hence the name Gilthead sea bream, Orata in Italian, Dorade in French and Dorada in Spanish. It is carnivorous and prefers mussels, shellfish and molluscs. It also consumes vegetable matter as a consequence of its benthic diet. That is why it prefers living close to the bottom of the sea. It reaches approximately 70 cm in length, 12-15 kg in weight and lives for 10-11 years.

Chef quality

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Omega 3

Sea Bass and Sea Bream are known as fish with high omega-3 (ω-3) fatty acids and a high omega 3 (ω-3) to omega 6 (ω-6) ratio. Such a diet is considered to have positive health effects.

Reduces obesity

The properties of omega 3 fatty acids have beneficial effects on adipose tissue in obese individuals. This benefit is implemented through the reduction of fat mass, the improvement of body weight, the regulation of satiety and the reduction of inflammation.