Growing and feeding

The fingerlings, weighing about 2 grams each, are put into nets whose opening (eye) does not exceed 5 millimeters. For their feeding and for the larger fish as well, a carefully formulated commercial feed is used comprising mainly of fish meal and fish oils rich in high quality proteins. This diet does not contain any genetically modified ingredients (GMO free) and it is checked for pollutants such as dioxins. Our feed comes from factories certified for the quality management systems they apply. The quality and the quantity of these diets, the strong sea currents and clean marine environment, combined with our policy of low cage fish densities, are the main factors contributing to the production of an excellent final product.


The fingerlings come from broodstock which has been selected with care and with attention to their natural and genetic characteristics. The hatcheries follow the principles of traceability allowing us to know at any moment the history of the broodstock, the eggs which they spawned as well as the fry that we received. Our company, also follows the principles of traceability and understands that production has to be of the highest quality. Detailed operating procedures have been established in order to provide safe products that will meet the needs of the consumers and those of the current legislation. Corfu Sea Farm is renowned for its quality reputation and is a market leader. In order to achieve all of the above, our company, via the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) meticulously inspects all the stages of production, harvesting, packing, storage and distribution, which are recorded in our database.

Harvesting, packing and distribution

The methods used for harvesting and packing guarantee excellent flesh quality and duration of freshness. The packing of the produce takes place in specially designed installations in compliance with the European Union’s directives. The fish available for sale are between 600 gr. and more than 3000 gr. We have the possibility to supply you with products all year round.

The best sea bass and sea bream from the best fish farming professionals.